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1922 Littlestown Pike Westminster, MD

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Trane Comfort Coil heating coil - Westminster, MD - Hanover, PA - Siegman Forced Air

Comfortâ„¢ Coil

HVAC Heating Coil
Get the most out of your air conditioner or heat pump with a properly matched HVAC evaporator coil from Trane. Whether you need an A/C evaporator coil, furnace coil, or a matched heat pump evaporator coil a Trane certified specialist can help you choose the best option for your HVAC system.

Product Overview


Foil Insulation
100% foil insulation provides easy cleaning and quiet operation.

Noncorrosive Components
The two-way, sloped, noncorrosive drain pan prevents standing water, which significantly affects indoor air quality. And the all-aluminum, rust-resistant construction keeps the evaporator coil nearly corrosion-free, making it tougher on preventing leaks.

Easy Access
Makes cleaning and servicing easier, which in turn leads to higher efficiency and longer life.

Painted Finish
Our evaporator coils provide increased protection from rust and corrosion and matches your furnace color.

External Service Port
Quicker and easier serviceability.