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Dear Mr. Ron Siegman,

I wanted to write you a letter explaining my experience with the Siegman Forced Air System installation team.  First off, I believe your company should coin the phrase “The Siegman Experience” due to the fantastic service, quality, commitment, and explanation of the product I received during the installation of my new GOODMAN 3.5 TON 16 SEER HEAT PMP WITH MATCHING AIR HANDLER at my residence.

The team led by your technicians Matt and Shane were super (including Chris, Andy, Chad, and Scott). They were respectful and courteous of my residence.  They completed the work as discuss in your proposal and answered all of my questions, and well as educated me along the way.  Overall your team conducted themselves in an outstanding professional manner.  My past experience with other contractors, were not as great, they always left some kind of mess behind.  Not true here, the team conducted themselves in a professional manner, cleaned up after themselves, and this is the reason for motivating me to write you this letter.

As I am a realist, I understand not everything can be 100% perfect when it comes to contractors entering your home while removing and installing large equipment.  Your team limited these issues, even with the difficult task of removing the oil tank, which needed to be cut in half to remove, and NOT a drip of oil left behind! Your team overall was very impressive and informative explaining the operations of the system to me.  Mr. Shane even helped me move out a large treadmill from the basement room adjoining the furnace room, which was a task I had been dwelling on for a while.  Thanks for the extra effort team Seigman, and thanks for a job well done.  As my company motto is “We never forget who we’re working for” so does “The Siegman Experience”, thanks for bring the heat team, I appreciate your job detail, performance, and professionalism.


William J. Otovic

First let me say Ron and his team were very professional, courteous and punctual. They replaced my complete HVAC system in 8/2015. They moved my outside A/C condensing unit to the other side of my house with all new electric, refrigerant lines, A/C drain pump and pad.They installed a new furnace and new return duct with an additional return in family room with a new intelligent thermostat. They did a follow visit 10/14/15 where the HVAC tech Chris checked everything. He changed my oil filter, furnace filter, checked heating efficiency and found that the oil injector nozzle was too big so he put the next size down . Which increased my efficiency to 85%. Then he checked my A//C and topped off the freon. He spent 2.5 hours on the follow up visit which I was very impressed. Hats off to you Ron and your team for a job very well done!!!


I Called Siegman’s at 6:50am on 8/11/2015 For AC Unit making excessive noise in the House. I was told the technician (Shane) would be out later that morning and that Shane would contact me when he was on his way. I was contacted by Shane at 7:55am to let me know he was on his way. Shane arrived at 8:08am and started working on the AC Unit. Anytime he was in the house he wore his booties even in the unfinished basement. Shane was always very professional and polite. Shane was very knowledgeable on the RUUD central air unit inside and outside, by 10:00am he had the AC running better than it had in years. Yes you read that correctly in less than 4 hours from first call AC was fixed and operating noise free.

I will call Siegman for all my future AC and Heating Upgrades and Repairs.

Basil W.

They showed up when they said they would and performed the work as quoted without any hassles or problems. I was pleased with the quality of the work done.

Robert J.

It was fine. I’ve had them a couple of times and I’ve been pleased. They were prompt, easy to reach and explained what they were doing. I would say it took three hours.

Mark C.

Mr Siegman was very professional and accommodating to my busy work schedule. He and his crew performed the work quoted in a single day. Everything was done quickly and professionally. We recently purchased our home and all three of the a/c condensers are on their last legs. Our first floor system finally crapped out so originally I had called my home warranty company. My home warranty company didn’t send anyone out for weeks, then I was finally told that I had contractor of choice so I went on Angies list and found Siegman forced air. Mr Siegman came out same day I called him to quote our job. He even called my home warranty company several times to try and give them the quote. 3 different times Mr Siegman put himself through 30 and 45 minute hold times with our terrible home warranty company in order to help us out. That’s customer service! Well above and beyond what was necessary.
His estimate came in right around the same price that I was quoted by 2 other companies but it was his professionalism, prompt response and quote, and customer service that made me choose to work with him.
I only have one complaint: Prior to the install I had new Honeywell WiFi thermostats installed to each zone so that I could control each system from my cell phone (3 thermostats). When they replaced the first floor system they did not leave my Honeywell WiFi thermostat installed and they installed their own model of Honeywell touchscreen thermostat. Their thermostat is similar in quality but it doesn’t have WiFi. No worries though, Mr Siegman is sending one of his guys out to replace the thermostat for me, no biggie!

I forgot to mention Mr Siegman’s crew also made a huge change for us that we very much appreciate. Our furnace had two exhaust pipes that cut right across out basement from the furnace to the exterior wall of the basement at about head height. These exhaust pipes separated our basement right in the middle so to get from one side of the basement to the other we were always forced to duck our heads to get past the pipes. They were able to change the location of the exhaust pipes so they ran along the ceiling wood work instead of head height. Now they are out of the way and no longer cut across the basement at head height. This has made a huge difference in the usability of our basement.

Jacob S.

Before the work I was heating my home with a Monitor heater that ran off kerosene or radiant heat in the ceiling if I chose to use it. There wasn’t a furnace or duct work so Siegman had to start from the ground up with installing a complete system. From the beginning with Rick coming and looking things over, taking measurements, explaining everything to me and answering any questions I had I felt very comfortable with Siegman. I received 3 other estimates but never felt as comfortable with the others as I did with Siegman. Rick sent a really great team which consisted of Matt, Scott and Stephen to do the work. I couldn’t of been happier with them. They were professional, respectful nice guys who did a great job. I believe Matt was the team leader and every morning before starting the job he would explain what they were going to do that day and at the end of the day showed me what they had done and cleaned up any mess that they had. A job well done to all of you!!


3-4 years ago they put in a new furnace and air conditioner. It seemed like a bargain, it has been saving us money, the installers were considerate.

Bill R.

They installed a furnace and air conditioner. Scheduling was easy and it took them around 2-3 days. They did a fine job and it works fine.

David B.

Service Tech came out on a Saturday because the fan on the outside AC unit wasn’t spinning. As soon as the tech arrived the fan started spinning again. He looked at the unit and replaced a contact that was corroded believing that was the problem. He was about to pull out of our driveway when he heard the fan motor lock up. He knocked on our door again and let us know. Sure enough, the fan was no longer spinning again. It ended up being a bad fan motor. Not the best news in the world but at least the AC is running again. Tech was very professional. Besides needing some expensive parts, I was satisfied with the experience.

Dominic B.

They replaced a small part in our air conditioning unit. They came out the morning after we called them and it went really well. I would use them again and would recommend them.

Dana Sobus

Greta company to work with. Punctual and very professional with no pressure to buy. They were very competitive on their price compared to other companies. Approximately how much did it cost?

Larry S.

I Pay a yearly fee so that my heating and air conditioning unit is covered from them, because they installed it 10 years ago. I do this because they come twice a year to perform maintenance check ups. It also covers any emergency repairs excluding any parts ( which they supply with a discount) at ANY time without having to pay for repair man fees. It has come in handy once or twice during winter months when something has frozen. They are a great company and their workmen are highly trained and very nice. Answering any questions and performing all repairs quickly and professionally. I recommend them highly.

Theresa A.

I noticed water on my basement floor. I called the company at 2:45 pm friday and the company was at my door by 3:30 pm that day. They quickly found the issue with a component that was installed incorrectly. They repaired the issue quickly and efficiently. The service is excellent and I would highly recommend them to anyone. In this day in age it is so nice to be able to talk to someone about your problem and have them rectify the issue as well as this company does. All the employees we have had contact with have been friendly and professional and a pleasure to work with.

Cheryl L.

It went wonderfully. Scheduling was very easy, and they came out within a week. We have a large home, so the job was quite big. It took around three days to complete. They did it quickly, efficiently, and for a great price. I’ve had no problems with it at all.

Jacqueline M.

We’ve been using them for at least five years and they were very easy to deal with and trustworthy. Scheduling is very easy and they are accommodating to our schedules. I like that they are a local business.

James B.

It went very well. They arrived promptly, were efficient, friendly and cooperative, they asked the right questions and listened to what I said. They job took a long time and they stayed until it was done thoroughly. Previously, we had used a number of other companies and the problem was never diagnosed until we used Seigman. We haven’t had any problems with the system. I have recommended them to other people.

Stephanie D.

Knowledgeable technician responded at the time promised and performed a preventive maintenance service on our equipment, including an electronic air filter previously installed by Siegman. Necessary maintenance was performed and there was no attempt to add unnecessary work or parts. We highly recommend this contractor.

Herbert N.

We’ve been using them for four years. They are very professional and courteous, and even brought us heaters when our heat went out. They had to come back the next day and didn’t charge an extra fee for that which was nice.

Earl Davis

While servicing a/c found hot water over flow tank leaking. replaced tank. Serviceman did a very good job. It is a very good company to do business with.

Georgette B.

I had a very good experience. They were prompt, on time and very courteous. They are very dependable, they work very well with us, explained everything very thoroughly and they’re a local company which was nice. They came and fixed what needed to be repaired and serviced the unit. We were very pleased with the service.

James B.

Installed new heat pump and furnace |Very professional and efficient. They were excellent on detail and provided additional service that was not anticipated. They also followed up on the installation after several weeks and noticed some minor details that needed addressing Outstanding service!

David B.

Everything was promptly done as it was scheduled. We had not moved in so they were given a key and were very responsible with everything. They cleaned up after themselves and moved things around in our utility room so that we ended up with more space. We were impressed with how carefully they removed our baseboard heaters, there was little drywall repair to do. Everything is working well.

Angela T.

I’m really happy with the results. I got quotes from 3 Trane-certified vendors (the 4th couldn’t deal with the propane furnace). Siegman’s was the best price and also got me a favorable rebate. Also, their crew was able to do the gas hookup as part of the installation, whereas one of the other quotes required me to find a third party to do the final hookup. They arrived on time, finished the job in a day, and cleaned up/hauled away the old system and pad. They also did a complimentary follow-up check two weeks later. I’m really enjoying the system so far.

James F.

Promptly returned phone calls and always showed up on time or a few minutes early. The employees were polite and cleaned up the areas after the work was complete. No problems or complaints. I chose them before I belonged to Angie’s List and saw they won a 2013 award from them (on the company website) and decided to try the company. I was VERY pleased.

Jennifer K.

We had several estimates but they had the best plan. Their price wasn’t the cheapest but for the service we got, we thought it was the best deal. They were responsive and scheduled us really quickly. The 22-year old system that we had was noisy and we had to turn it off so we could sleep at night; the system that we have now is so much quieter and better.

Robert K.

The service man was very friendly and explained in detailed the problem. He fixed the part without overcharging. I was very happy and with the work.

Donna C.

Straightforward, polite, professional. Cooperative in letting me move dogs around as necessary. Got the job done. It’s now working (a couple days) and I fully expect that will continue.

George R.

Great, extremely happy with the service I received. Friendly and fast! I would definitely recommend this company to others and will use them again in the future.

Brooke N.

It was pretty good. They’re professional people. They’re going to get the job done.

Patrick B.

They did a good job. They will be coming back for the spring start-up. I have a contract with them. I like their responsiveness and the courtesy of the technician. There have not been any issues. I will continue to use them.

John M.

From the initial estimate through the installation, the staff was knowledgeable, thorough, and neat. We are extremely pleased with the job.

Mary E.

Obtained a list of heating and air conditioning companies off of Angie’s list that were within reasonable distance from my home. Contacted two with the highest scores, A – 95% and 92% and no scores below a C. One could not provide service that day and this one could. When I contacted them, I told them I was not getting gas to my furnace, which I turned on due to the temperature hitting below 50. I was advised they could send a service person, but could not give me a time as all their service people were on other jobs, but one will be dispatched that day. A couple of hours later, a serviceman called and advised he was on his way. He arrived and immediately went to work to inspect my furnace to determine the problem. While he was here, I asked if he could inspect the air conditioning unit as well and he did. My furnace needed a circuit board, which the service person replaced and everything else checked out. The serviceman was friendly, polite and wasted no time in doing his job. Very satisfied with the service. Cannot comment on the price because I do not know what is reasonable.

Joseph S.

Wonderful experience. Prompt, polite and efficient. Comparably priced – excellent customer service.

Beth K.

Replaced air conditioner. It went smoothly and on time. We are pleased.

Diane M.

The repair person showed up right on time and got straight to work. We feared our air conditioner was on it’s last leg but he fixed it and helped it last throughout the summer.

Lynn J.

The service man did an excellent job. He checked to make certain everything was operating properly. He thoroughly cleaned the filter and check the humidifier to make sure it was operating properly.

Debbie S.

From the initial estimate through the installation, the staff was knowledgeable, thorough, and neat. We are extremely pleased with the job.

Mary E.

They responded quickly, had the unit in stock, and installed it that week.

Barry H.

My natural gas heater bit the dust. It was the original unit for the 20 year house. I felt they did a good job considering the age of the house and the modifications. Their clean up was immaculate.

Lloyd P.

Although my furnace could not be repaired I was very pleased with the overall experience, I will likely call them again for an estimate on my new heating system.

Gary R.

Ronnie the owner was very helpful and very accommodating. He told me he would be at my home at 3pm and he wasn’t lying. I could have set my watch by him. I have yet to have them perform the services that I requested the estimate for but plan to do so in the near future.

David M.

My AC stopped working, they came out immediately. The cost was going to be almost as much as signing up for a service agreement, so I signed up for that instead which made it a great deal because it covered most of the work they did that day. They were very nice, didn’t try to sell me anything I didn’t need. Got the problem fixed quickly.

Kelly M.

Chris put on the house booties and immediately went to work to diagnose the problem with our whole house humidifier. He was very professional and worked diligently to locate the issue with the unit. Turned out to be a couple of problems, a water level sensor which was a warranty issue was the first. After he replaced that he then determined we had a bad breaker at the panel box. The electric panel box face plate had been sheetrocked in so he gave us the option of him cutting some of the sheet rock out or my husband could do it. We asked Chris to complete the job on the slight chance it turns out to be something else we did not want to have to call them back. Chris did a great job and cleaned up after his work. We were very happy with the job and professionalism, as well as the fast response. I would recommend this company to my friends and family.

Kim W.

The heating system failed to work consistently. The technician tracked down the intermittent problem and spent the time necessary to effect a permanent fix. We were very impressed with the skill level and the persistence of the technician who is obviously dedicated to his craft. We’re also impressed with Mr. Siegman who personally followed up a couple weeks later to make sure that everything was still working properly and that we were satisfied. When the system conks out for good and we need a new one, we’re calling Siegman!

James R.

The serviceman came when promised, was courteous and professional and honored the coupon from Angie’s list even though my furnace was oil and not forced-air. He spent quite a bit of time looking over the system, cleaning it and advising us of what possible issues could have contributed to the excessive fuel burning. I would definitely use them again in the future should we have a need and would recommend them to others.

Maria S.

I like that their technicians are knowledgeable and very neat in their work. They are very good and I recommend them to other people.

Herbert N.

It was great, both representatives were very helpful and they we on time and answered all my questions. I requested a quote for a new AC unit and heat pump. I received it within a day. Great service all around.

Cindy V.

Mike the technician was very professional and explained the problem with our indoor air unit. Being a commercial building we have several units to handle the square footage. While he corrected the problem with the air handler we called about he noticed that the drain on one of our other units was draining slowly and took care of that while he was here.
Prior to calling out Siegman’s for service we had been dealing with another Heating and Air Conditioning Company that had been out 5 times for a similar problem on a different unit. While Mike was correcting the unit we called him out for he noticed this other unit was havening similar issues, the pan was draining slowly and would shut down randomly. The other company told us our issue was the outside unit and had recommended replacing it, stating that the unit was too small to handle the load and recommended upgrading at the cost of $6000.00.
Needless to say once the Seigman technician Mike did basic maintenance on both units and cleaned the drains out it has worked fine and we haven’t had any more issues. We were very happy with the service Seigman provided and appreciated the forethought they had to insure while they were here that all units were working properly and basic maintenance was performed without suggesting making costly unnecessary recommendations!

Patricia M.

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