Furnace Efficiency in Hampstead, MD

3 Symptoms of an Inefficient Furnace in Hampstead, MD

November 2, 2022

As the cold months approach, you should check whether your furnace is operating efficiently enough to keep your Hampstead, MD, home warm and cozy. Such a system will also help you regulate your energy bills. Here are three signs of an inefficient furnace.

1. Unusually High Energy Bills

If your energy bills are unusually high and don’t match your regular usage, it may be a sign of an aging or malfunctioning heating system. Factors like a damaged thermostat or leaky ducts may be causing the issue.

An inefficient furnace consumes a lot of energy to keep your Hampstead, MD home warm. You can curb the impending inefficiency by scheduling a furnace tune-up.

The professional technician will identify the cause of the problem and repair it. You should consider installing a new furnace if the system’s efficiency does not improve even after routine maintenance.

2. Blowing Cold Air

An inefficient furnace also blows cold air. This happens when clogged furnace filters prevent air from flowing smoothly over the system’s heat exchanger.

As a result, the heat exchanger overheats and damages the limit switch. This further causes the furnace burners to shut off.

A furnace blowing cold air can cause your house to be uncomfortable during winter. It can also cause you to waste money through high energy bills. A technician can get these components working again by cleaning or replacing the filters and resetting the furnace.

3. Constant Cycling

Another way to tell whether your furnace is inefficient is to watch how often it cycles. An inefficient heating system runs all the time to keep your house warm.

Additionally, it takes longer to achieve the desired temperature after adjusting the thermostat settings. Sometimes, you may notice that some spaces are hotter than others. A blown fuse, damaged burner, and malfunctioning thermostat are some factors that can cause this issue.

If you notice these signs of an inefficient furnace, you need to repair or upgrade it before winter kicks in. Schedule an appointment with our qualified technicians at Siegman Forced Air Systems, Inc. for reliable furnace repair services.

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