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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Air Filter for Your Gettysburg, PA Home

Air Filter in Gettysburg, PA

Your Gettysburg, PA air conditioner depends on the air filter to keep contaminants out so that it can run efficiently. However, getting the right filter is as important as keeping it clean. Consider these three tips for ensuring you have the right filter for your system.

Get the Appropriate Size

The first step in effectively filtering the air coming through your system is having the right size filter. There’s the height and width, which ensures the filter fits into the slot properly. Having one that is too large or too small creates a situation where air leaks around it rather than moving through it.

Additionally, there’s the depth of the filter, which is normally somewhere between 1 and 6 inches. The deeper the filter, the longer they tend to last, with 6-inch filters sometimes lasting up to nine months. However, you also have to make sure that it’ll fit in your system properly.

Pay Attention to Rating

The filter’s MERV rating is also crucial, which stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values. This rating ranges from 1 to 16 and indicates the size of particles it’ll capture and at what efficiency. The higher the rating, the smaller the particles and the more of them it’ll capture.

However, you also have to exercise caution, as using too efficient a filter may hurt your system. If the filter is more efficient than your system can handle, it’ll restrict airflow. This drives up utility costs and increases the number of AC repairs.

Consider Additional Features

There are additional features you may consider, including electrostatic filters that attract more particles, improving efficiency without restricting airflow. You may also see reusable or washable filters as an option.

Whatever options you consider, be sure to run it by your maintenance technician to ensure it’ll do the job. Some filters will let too many particles through, clogging the system and increasing strain.

A clean filter isn’t the only thing needed to keep your AC running efficiently, but so is professional maintenance. Call to schedule your AC maintenance with the expert technicians at Siegman Forced Air Systems, Inc.

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