Furnace Breakdown in Hanover, PA

4 Signs Your Furnace Is About to Break Down in Hanover, PA

February 13, 2024

With temperatures often dropping to freezing and below in Hanover, PA, your home’s furnace is more important than ever in the winter chill. Learn about some common signs that could indicate your furnace is about to experience a breakdown.

Blowing Cold Air

Having a working furnace means that you have heat when you need it. When it’s nearing the end of its life, it will often produce cold air that you feel coming through the vents. It may even lead to cold spots that you only notice in certain rooms or spaces.

Costly or Frequent Repairs

You know how much it costs to heat your home based on past seasons. A sudden rise in those bills is a sign that you have a faulty furnace. Though you can rely on some furnace repairs, investing in a new appliance might be a better and more affordable option, especially since so many energy-efficient furnaces are available now.

Frequent Cycles

During a heating cycle, the furnace produces heat to increase your home’s temperature and then shuts itself off. If you hear the furnace kicking on and off several times a day, it’s a sign that it cannot complete a cycle. This often happens because the sensors are wearing out.

Water Puddles

You don’t want to see puddles around your furnace because they indicate a water leak. Clogged lines in the furnace often release excess water that pools around the base of the furnace. Even if you don’t see puddles, you may notice moisture buildup or an increase in your home’s humidity.

Get the Furnace You Deserve

A faulty furnace will need more repairs, go through more cycles, and produce a lot of cold air. They may lead to high heating bills and water puddles, too. Contact Siegman Forced Air Systems, Inc. in Hanover, PA when you are ready for a furnace installation.

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