5 Signs Your Heat Exchanger May Have a Crack in Hanover, PA

cracked heat exchanger in Hanover, PA

The heat exchanger is a combination of enclosed metal coils and tubes that help heat up your home in cold weather. Indicators such as pungent smell, corrosion, and cracks on the heat exchanger surface, a yellow flame, and water around the furnace are indicative of a crack in the heat exchanger. For the residents of Hanover, PA, here are the most common symptoms of a cracked heat exchanger.

1. Pungent Smell

A crack on your heat exchanger will produce an unpleasant odor that smells like formaldehyde. Typically, the odor results in feelings of nausea, headaches, and eye and nose irritations. Should you notice this smell, contact a professional for immediate inspection and maintenance.

2. Yellow Flame

The burner should have a blue flame under normal conditions. If you notice the flame becoming yellow, your burner could be dirty, or your heating system could have a crack. A flickering yellow flame is a tangible signal of a cracked heat exchanger and needs timely repairs.

3. Emission of Soot

Soot is usually emitted as a result of incomplete combustion. A build-up of black soot on your furnace indicates a crack in the heat exchanger or incorrect burner adjustment. Resolving the problem helps eliminate health-related complications from the soot.

4. Corrosion on the Furnace

If you notice damaged components, there is an increased likelihood of cracks in the heat exchanger. The damage arises from the effects of wear and tear. It also indicates that your system is deteriorating and could require a replacement.

5. Water Around the Furnace

Water collecting around the furnace is an indicator that you’re experiencing condensation problems or a crack in the heat exchanger. Whatever the case, you should call in a technician to pinpoint the root cause and avoid further damage.

When you notice any of these signs, turn off the furnace immediately and contact a technician for inspection and damage assessment. If you need quality furnace installations repairs and expert advice, contact us today at Siegman Forced Air Systems, Inc.

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