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Add Ductless AC Instead of a Space Heater in Hanover, PA

Ductless AC in Hanover, PA

A ductless air conditioning system and a space heater can provide comfort on a cold day or night in Hanover, PA. However, ductless systems outshine space heaters in a variety of ways. In this guide, you’ll discover why you may want to buy a ductless unit instead of a space heater for your home.

Ductless System Pros

If you recently added a new space in your house, a ductless air conditioning system can serve as a great comfort solution. Instead of placing a bulky space heater on the floor in this space, you can preserve real estate by mounting a compact ductless system on the wall.

Thousands of homeowners have high energy bills because they don’t use efficient equipment to heat spaces wisely. A space heater has great heating capabilities; however, it only works best in isolated spaces. Ductless heating equipment is more energy-efficient because it’s powered by inverter-driven compressors.

These compressors can run quickly or slowly without powering down consistently. From an energy standpoint, it’s a smart design perk because an average heating system uses more energy each time it powers up.

Ductless System Cons

Typically, a ductless system only has a few cons. However, they don’t decrease the equipment’s value.

If you shop for a ductless system, you may have to deal with somewhat expensive up-front costs. Then, after a technician installs the system, you’ll have to schedule maintenance regularly to take care of it. However, this is no different from other kinds of HVAC systems.

Financial Perks

Although a ductless unit has high up-front costs, the system can provide long-term financial benefits. If you currently don’t have any type of heating system in your home, you’ll benefit from buying a ductless system instead of a traditional AC unit. The biggest savings will occur during the installation because you won’t need expensive ducts.

If you want to install a ductless air conditioner in your home, contact Siegman Forced Air Systems, Inc. today. We offer highly efficient systems by Trane and Mitsubishi.

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