Ductless Mini-Splits are Terrific for Supplementing Your HVAC

ductless mini-splits in Westminster, MD

Between climate extremes and housing characteristics, HVAC systems in Westminster, MD can have difficulty delivering the whole-house comfort you want. Here are two ways ductless mini-splits can supplement your HVAC system.

Heating and Cooling Solutions for Problem Areas

It’s not uncommon for homes to have a special heating or cooling problem. Maybe it’s a battle between family members who have different temperature preferences. Maybe it’s a back bedroom that never gets quite warm enough. It could be a room that’s hotter than the rest of the house because it gets excessive sun. Perhaps you have a home office or nursery where you want a bit more temperature control.

Ductless mini-splits provide heating and cooling solutions for all of these problem areas. Each zone has a separate thermostat for targeted comfort control. Mini-splits are a high-comfort, energy-efficient supplement to your HVAC system with their variable-speed technology.

Ductless Mini-Splits Are An Excellent Option for Room Additions

A mini-split is an ideal option for homeowners looking to gain space and functionality by adding on another room. Mini-splits eliminate the cost of adding expensive ductwork. In some cases, even if the cost of ductwork is reasonable, your existing HVAC system might not have the capability to heat and cool the extra space.

Mini-splits also eliminate the energy loss associated with ductwork. Therefore, you’ll get more conditioned air delivered to your room addition without spending as much on utilities. In addition to home add-ons, ductless mini-splits are an attractive retrofit solution for any converted living space such as garages or attics.

For homeowners seeking more efficient performance and comfort, ductless mini-splits might be the answer. To learn more about using a mini-split to supplement the HVAC in your Westminster, MD, home, check out the ductless options we offer at Siegman’s Forced Air Systems, Inc., or call us today.

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