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Symptoms of a Faulty Air Conditioner Compressor

Air Conditioner Compressor in Hanover, PA

You rely heavily on your home’s air conditioning system to stay comfortable indoors during the summer. To keep your AC running well when outdoor temperatures soar, you need a working air conditioner compressor. If this crucial component goes out, you could find yourself without air unexpectedly. Fortunately, AC units give signs of problems before you get into this situation. Contact a qualified service technician in Hanover, PA, if your air conditioning shows the following signs of a failing compressor.

The Unit Hard Starts

A hard starting unit vibrates and shakes each time it turns on. This happens when the compressor has difficulty turning on. Although hard starting can happen right before the compressor goes out, faulty capacitors can cause this issue, too. The compressor might also need more lubrication.

Circuit Breaker Trips Frequently

The AC’s circuit breaker might trip if the compressor draws too much power and overheats. You might have reset the breaker a few times, and the air conditioner powered on and worked fine for a while, but then you find yourself in the same position a few days or weeks later. You don’t want to keep resetting the breaker because the problem isn’t electrical. The breaker’s doing its job, powering down an overheated device and protecting your home from an electrical fire.

AC Produces Warm Air

An air conditioner putting out warm air needs a qualified service technician to check the compressor for a refrigerant leak. If the unit’s not leaking, low refrigerant levels could be to blame.

Staying proactive and on top of air conditioner repairs helps your system work more efficiently and last longer. If your air conditioner’s had problems turning on or making strange sounds, or you’ve noticed weakened airflow, don’t wait to get professional HVAC service for your home’s air conditioner compressor. Check out our air conditioning repair solutions and schedule a service call with Siegman Forced Air Systems, Inc.

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