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Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air in Hampstead, MD?

Furnace Blowing Cold Air in Hampstead, MD

When wintertime sets in in Hampstead, MD, you probably become more reliant on your furnace. If your furnace starts blowing cool air, you’ll lose comfort and energy efficiency. If your furnace cools your home instead of heating it, you’re probably dealing with one of these five issues.

Thermostat Issues

When you input your preferred temperatures on the thermostat, the device sends the instructions to the furnace through wires. If there is damage to these wires, your instructions will not reach the furnace.

Consequently, the system won’t start a heating cycle. Also, if you forget to switch the thermostat from the cooling mode to the heating mode during winter, your furnace cannot heat your home.

A Faulty Circuit Control Board

The instructions from the thermostat reach the furnace’s circuit control board first. The circuit control board then prompts the blower and burners to start working.

If the circuit control board malfunctions, it may not relay your instructions to the two components. Also, the board may prompt the blower to distribute air and fail to signal the burners to start working. This means the blower will distribute cold air since the burners haven’t heated any air.

A Faulty Pilot Light/Electronic Ignition

Older furnaces use a pilot light to ignite the burners. If you have a modern furnace, your system uses electricity to ignite the burners. If your pilot light or electronic ignition system fails to ignite the burners, there won’t be any fire to warm your indoor air.

An Overheating Furnace

Whenever your furnace overheats, it triggers a safety procedure that turns the system off. This helps to prevent incidents associated with overheating, such as fire accidents. Request a technician to inspect your system to find and repair the issue causing it to overheat.

A Clogged Air Filter

A clogged air filter prevents enough air from entering your furnace. Consequently, the system gets very little air to heat and recirculate in your home. Replace your air filter every 30 to 60 days to promote free airflow.

Don’t allow your furnace to continue consuming energy without providing the comfort you desire. Call us at Siegman Forced Air Systems, Inc. for outstanding heating services.

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