Light Commercial HVAC Equipment in Hanover, PA

Give Your Light Commercial HVAC Equipment the Care it Needs

May 11, 2020

Every HVAC contractor worth their salt in Hanover, PA knows the importance of routine maintenance services, particularly those who specialize in working with light commercial equipment. Lack of maintenance is the primary cause of breakdowns that often require costly HVAC repairs. Poorly maintained systems can use up to 60% more energy to operate. In contrast, well-maintained systems reduce energy costs by as much as 40%.

Importance of Light Commercial Maintenance

Light commercial AC systems have many components that must work as a synergistic whole for efficient operations. When one part is damaged, it can affect the entire system. It is easier and less costly to replace a capacitor than a compressor. In addition, maintenance reduces the occurrence of repairs and prolongs the life of the system.

Maintenance and IAQ for Light Commercial Spaces

During the summertime, humidity levels can be as much of a concern as the air temperature. It’s a good idea to check the building periodically for signs of excess moisture or organic growth. Poorly maintained air conditioners can become a repository of allergens and microbes. This is especially true with central systems that rely on ductwork. Ducts can harbor contaminants that repeatedly get circulated through indoor air.

When it comes to the workplace, air quality issues can impact productivity and cause serious disruptions to your business. Of course, more than just money is at stake. The health of your employees and customers could potentially be affected by poor indoor air quality. One of the best ways to prevent air quality problems caused by your business’s air conditioner is to have your AC professionally serviced every year.

An Investment in Protection

Annual tune-ups help to ensure the filters that capture airborne pollutants and discourage pathogen growth inside the system are clean and ready to go. Unfortunately, many home and business owners see HVAC maintenance as just an additional expense. However, this view is somewhat short-sighted since routinely inspecting, cleaning, and calibrating your heating and cooling system actually yields considerable savings over the equipment’s lifespan.

At Siegman Forced Air Systems, Inc., our light commercial contractors know exactly what it takes to properly care for your business’s HVAC system and we’re available to help out 24-hours a day in case of emergencies, other than on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Give us a call today and let us know what we can do for you.

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