light commercial HVAC in Hanover, PA

Most Common Problems With Light Commercial HVAC Systems in Hanover, PA

June 30, 2020

If you run a business, your light commercial HVAC unit is a necessary building system. Commercial HVAC units are more complex than those found in residences, and they experience some unique issues. Let’s examine some of the most common commercial HVAC problems that we see in Hanover, PA.

Thermostat Issues

Residential units are prone to thermostat issues, too. However, most businesses have several different thermostats throughout the building, which means that there is more potential for a malfunction. If only one area of the system is too warm or too cold but other areas are just right, a malfunctioning thermostat is a more likely culprit rather than the entire system.

Air Quality

Dust, biological contaminants, and fumes affect air quality and can pose a health hazard to those who are sensitive. Most often, the problem is a leak in the ductwork, dirty ductwork, or dirty filters. Having your commercial system serviced and cleaned as part of your regular maintenance routine can help to prevent these problems and keep it running smoothly.

Strange Noises

One of the more common complaints that we hear is that everything is going smoothly. Then, all of a sudden, the system starts making unusual sounds. These might be chirps, squeaks, hissing, or sounds like metal banging around.

It could be a fan or a piece of ductwork that has come loose. This can be quite disruptive to customers and staff. If this happens, you need to call a professional to discover the source of the noise.

Poor air quality, uneven heating or cooling, and strange noises are the most common complaints about commercial systems. Siegman Forced Air Systems, Inc. has a longstanding reputation for maintaining and repairing light commercial HVAC systems. If it is time for maintenance or your system is not acting the way that it should, call us so we can get everything running smoothly again.

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