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The Warning Signs of an Inefficient AC in Gettysburg, PA

AC efficiency in Gettysburg, PA

Air conditioning systems can wear out quickly when homeowners lack HVAC knowledge, and the more you overlook the possible signs of AC damage, the worse the damage gets. If your cooling system fails, contact an AC expert in Gettysburg, PA, for diagnosis and repairs. Here are easy-to-notice indicators that your AC may be malfunctioning or already damaged.

Room Temperatures Fluctuate

The size, design, maintenance, and individual components of an AC system are responsible for achieving indoor comfort. Improper AC design can result in hot and cold spots within the house.

Lack of AC maintenance results in dirt buildup and low system capacity. This means some rooms will reach the desired temperatures, while others won’t.

The AC Runs Almost Constantly

An oversized or undersized AC struggles to achieve the desired room temperature. The result is substantial energy waste. If you have a single-stage AC system and it has to run constantly to keep you comfortable, consult an AC repair expert.

You Have High Utility Bills

Several factors contribute to higher energy bills. There could be a rate increase or a faulty electrical system. However, if neither of these is the primary cause, inspect your AC system for problems that could be reducing its efficiency.

Your Current AC Is Old or Outdated

You need to know how old your AC system is. Air conditioners tend to lose efficiency over time, leading to regular breakdowns and malfunctioning. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends replacing your AC every 10 years.

The Thermostat Has Sensor Issues

If your AC system struggles to maintain the indoor temperature you desire, you may notice a faulty thermostat. The thermostat helps to keep your home temperature constant. However, a faulty thermostat causes your air conditioner to overcompensate, increasing wear and energy bills.

Contact our experts at Siegman Forced Air Systems, Inc. for your AC maintenance needs. We provide affordable and reliable air conditioning services in Gettysburg, PA.

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