Where Does My Hanover, PA Home Lose Cool Air?

energy loss in Hanover, PA

In Hanover, PA, as the summer sun blazes overhead, your comfort depends on the efficiency of your cooling system. But what if your home is leaking that precious cool air? It’s time to play detective and find those hidden leaks that are making your AC work overtime and inflating your energy bills.

Windows and Doors: The Usual Suspects

The cracks around windows and doors are notorious for letting cool air escape. Weather stripping and caulking can deteriorate over time, creating gaps that allow air to seep out. Run your hand around the frames to feel for drafts. If you notice any, it’s time to replace the weather stripping and reapply the caulk.

Outlets and Switches: Unexpected Escape Routes

Electrical outlets and switches can be surprising culprits for air leaking from your air conditioner. Despite their small size, the combined air leakage can add up.

To test, hold a tissue near the outlet on a windy day. If the tissue flutters, air is escaping. Insulating these outlets and switches can help preserve your home’s cool air.

Attic and Basement: High and Low Points of Loss

Attics and basements are often overlooked, but these areas can contribute significantly to cooling loss. Insufficient insulation in your attic can allow cool air to rise and escape. In your basement, uninsulated walls can let out cool air.

Recessed Lighting: Hidden Leaks

Recessed lighting fixtures, especially those located in the ceiling, can be a source of cooling loss. If these fixtures aren’t insulated properly, they can let cool air escape into the attic. Make sure these fixtures are IC-rated, which means they’re safe to be in contact with insulation.

Identifying and addressing these cooling losses can enhance the efficiency of your air conditioning system and create a more comfortable home environment. For help with leaking air or any other HVAC services you need, contact our experts at Siegman Forced Air Systems, Inc. We’re here to ensure your summer in Hanover, PA is as cool and comfortable as possible.

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